Neon is Posh

Darryl Thompson of the oldest sign company in Virginia, Kinsey Neon and Sign Company. Read Full Article


Roxy Rose’s intricate neon pieces undoubtedly push the medium’s boundaries. With each bold creation, Roxy not only clearly and effectively dashes the association of neon with sign-making, but also strikes viewers with poignant commentary on our time. Read Full Article

The Iridescent History of Light

Interesting that the next phase of light development after neon was television nearly 20 years later. Ions in comparison to today’s technological development speed. Read Full Article

The Story of Bao Bei’s Beautiful Neon Sign

The iconic sign that hangs above the entrance to the award-winning Chinatown restaurant was a collaborative effort by the creative team at Glasfurd & Walker and Bao Bei’s owner, Tannis Ling. The work of art was inspired by many things, … Continued

Immersive ArtCubed Experience

As with many creative ventures in the City of Angels, a Hollywood soundstage — in this case Goya Studios — served as the blank canvas for ArtCubed. In that space a literal “cube” (four walls) was constructed and Ito helped … Continued


In 1984, the Tacoma, Washington, City Council voted to accept the proposal of artist Stephen Antonakos for a $280,000 neon sculpture to be placed in the new Tacoma Dome sports and convention facility. The artwork would be paid for with … Continued

Neon Art: Bending Light to Design

The interpretation and replication of light is a pursuit that has obsessed artists from the time of Leonardo da Vinci’s forays into chiaroscuro to the Impressionists’ elevation of light from technique to subject. But in the 1960s, some artists shifted … Continued