Neon Benders Pi Party in Brooklyn

On September 8, over 30 neon benders gathered in Brooklyn to bend neon numbers, which hasn’t happened in 20-something years. It all started with Joey Gerhart, a tube-bender based out of Birmingham, Alabama, who wanted to display neon color options … Continued

“GUNS GUNS GUNS”—An unlikely victory for neon

Judge Troy Nunley in Sacramento noted in his ruling that gun shops could display a large neon sign reading, “GUNS GUNS GUNS” or a 15-foot depiction of a sporting rifle, the AP reports. Read Full Article

Laumeier to shine with neon

Beginning September 27, Laumeier Sculpture Park’s 2018 Kranzberg Exhibition Series will present Memory & Desire: A Personal Exploration of Neon Art, Past and Present, by St. Louis artist David Hutson. The exhibition features newly created, original works by the artist, … Continued

Coldest Beer in Town

Restoration of store includes wise decision to keep neon spelling out Coldest Beer in Town. Read Full Article