Neon sign restored 30 years after

“Neon, it will always be here. You’ll never get rid of neon,” said Rick Sebanc, owner of Neon Signs Inc. Read Full Article

Neon artist, George Vidas, steps into the spotlight

Today, his vibrant installations can be found at Detroit’s Buhl Bar, Sugarfina at Somerset Collection, and more. He’s also worked with local schools, and this summer, he’ll unveil a collaboration at Playground Detroit. Read Full Article

The enigma explorations of Bruce Nauman at Schaulager

Nauman’s explorations include optical illusions, sound experiments and neon catchphrases, such as Human Nature / Life Death / Knows Doesn’t Know (1983). (Bruce Nauman / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York) Read Full Article

Vigil held for iconic Arby’s Neon sign

This speaks volumes…a neon sign is removed and the towns folk hold a candlelight vigil in it’s memory. Only a ghostly projected image as a remembrance remains. Advertisers…WAKE UP! Read Full Article

Introduction to Neon

n this two-day workshop, learn the science of neon and basic techniques such as bends, filling tubes with noble gases, and display mounting. This is a beginner class-no prerequisite is required. Read Full Article

Lisa Schulte: The Neon Queen Keeps the Lights on for Art

“Functional art needs a new definition, I think!” says Lisa Schulte, aka the Neon Queen. We’re speaking in her light-bending studio in an industrial area northwest of Los Angeles, where her empire Nights of Neon operates a hybrid business that … Continued