The Value of Pi Increases as neon makers converge in NY to make numbers

Joey Gerhart, neon maker of Birmingham, Alabama has set upon a monumental task…possibly the biggest ever in the history of neon. Certainly Vegas and New York have had plenty of neon but all have been finite. Gerharts neon project is infinite–every number of pi.
On september 8th of 2018 those who craft neon came from all over the united States to make neon numbers. How do you get several dozen expert glassblowers to converge and collectively work on one man’s monumental task? Throw a party of course! Beer! Pizza! Camaraderie!!
The “party” was held at Ablon Technologies in Brooklyn, NY where multiple fire tables were ready to flame on. Many numbers were made for the project, all unique as each neon benders own personality. Many colors were represented, even the infamous “Raspberry” neon made an appearance and turned into the infinity of the number 8.

By the way…the one millionth number of Pi is 1.

Read more about the pi project here…

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