Clif Eddens is the founder, owner and Chief Artificer of Random Neon LLC, a company based in Paterson, New Jersey. Random Neon LLC is dedicated to creating neon signs, sculptures, and installations that reflect the quality and craftsmanship of traditional neon makers. Scientist, inventor and artist, Eddens began working with neon in 1981 after attending neon classes in NYC. “It was love at first light.” A resident of North Carolina at the time, Eddens amassed a large collection of vintage neon signs and filled the town museum with them for the enjoyment of local residents. Clif also began making neon himself, fabricating everything from traditional signs to his signature neon paper clips.

In 1984, while still in North Carolina, Eddens created an outdoor installation that took the form of a Neon Croquet set. It spread over 5,000 square feet and was actually used for a croquet game at an art opening. In 1985, Eddens moved to the northeast, bringing his love of neon with him.

Today, Random Neon LLC provides neon products and services of all kinds. Eddens offers neon classes where individuals learn the intricate skills involved with making their own neon objects. He designs and produces customized neon signs, neon sculptures and animated neon.

“Neon has endless possibilities,” Eddens explains. Random Neon LLC embodies that sentiment.

Clif Eddens