Need to attract more customers to your storefront? Have a cool inspirational phrase you want in your home or business? Have a sculpture idea you want to see lit up in brilliant colors? Random Neon LLC can help with these ideas and more. Keep up with current work on my Instagram account under “What’s New” at Random Neon LLC.

Do What You Love

Neon logo’s or phrases in a storefront window tell passersby’s that not only are you there and graphically tell what you do–it says you’re there and open for business! The warm glow of neon graphics in the window communicates an attractiveness and style unmatched by any other advertising media out today. Compare for yourself the appeal of neon in a window to the offensive glare of those cheap LED’s seen so often today. All of our neon images are hand-crafted by a professional glass blower (often called “tube bender” in the neon industry) specifically to your design needs.

Any phrase, favorite saying or single word can be made in a color of your choice for custom neon signage made to your liking. A client came to me recently for the phrase “DO WHAT YOU LOVE” to be made in white neon and mounted in his barber shop (salon). When completed, I wanted to keep it!

Your own ideas for figures, sculptures or objet d’art can be crafted in neon as well. Neon objects can be made in 3D as well as the usual two dimensional “head-on” view most often seen. My very first neon creation in 1981 was a blue neon pyramid inside a red pyramid that was freestanding for desk art. It still lights today. Classics like the Diving Lady often seen along the highways can be brought back to life as well. She has informed many millions of American road travelers that a motel with a pool was just ahead…and she did so without saying a word.

Ordering custom neon signage, sculptures, or other pieces is simple…contact me with your idea and if you don’t already have a sketch or drawing I’ll put one together as a starter. Once we agree on a design, I’ll send a PDF for your approval. Once you give approval and make a 50% deposit work will commence. generally within two weeks the work will be completed and I will send a picture of the work. The final remainder payment can be made at that time and the piece can either be picked up then or sent out by carrier to anywhere in the US or otherwise delivered within the NY metropolitan area.