Arrows on Table - Nutley, NJ

Random Neon LLC provides neon products and services of all kinds relating to contemporary art, design and even restoration of vintage neon collectibles. In addition to custom signage and art work, Clif Eddens teaches and guides both novice and seasoned craftspeople in the Neon Weekend workshops, where individuals learn the history, safety and science behind the magic of neon while providing first-hand insight to learning intricate skills required to make their own neon objects. He designs and produces custom neon signs, neon sculptures and is fluent in programming microprocessors to animate neon.

This website is a snapshot of Eddens personal portfolio, student’s work and style guide for ideas to bring to your first or next workshop and as a signup site for the next Neon Weekend. Based in Nutley, New Jersey, Random Neon LLC understands that each person and company has unique needs and welcomes visits and calls to help you envisage your next project.

Harness the Power of Light and Creativity with Neon Signs

The word neon brings to mind thoughts of diners, theaters, and other classic businesses. Signs using this medium are dependable and eye-catching marketing tools that have been proving their worth for years. But they are not only for advertising and promotion, neon signs in New York / New Jersey, are avenues of artistic expression as well.